On 23-25 May 2014, the History Teachers Association of Kosovo (SHMHK) will host the inaugural training seminar of the EuroClio-supported project ‘History Matters: New Steps for History Education in Kosovo’ in Pristina

The seminar will be the first in a series that supports the implementation of the Kosovo Core Curriculum, which was produced by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in 2011 as part of its broader strategic plan for education. Specifically, it will train the developers of the history syllabus as part of the ongoing reform by initiating collaboration between historians, textbook authors, history educators, and curriculum developers with a focus on innovative pedagogy and methodologies of learning as well as the use of corresponding materials. This will enable history educators in Kosovo to actively contribute to the reform process with their share of the responsibility for its implementation.

The seminar will be attended by approximately thirty participants comprising of prominent history teachers and key figures within the education sector in Kosovo. International experts Luisa Black (Portugal), Martin Liepach (Germany) and Ian Phillips (UK) will host workshops based on learning outcomes of the Core Curriculum in order to train participants on how these objectives can be implemented on a practical level in the classroom. On the final morning of the seminar, participants will be encouraged to use their newly acquired knowledge to help develop new curricula material. The event will also include a study visit to a site of historic interest near Pristina.

More information about the event can be found in the attached draft programme, and on the website page of the project, which will be updated with further content as it progresses.