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Bosnian History Teachers’ Association

EuroClio-HIP (Historija – Istorija – Povijest)

EuroClio – HIP (historija, istorija, povijest) was established in December 2003, at the first association assembly which took place in Sarajevo.  The organization was registered in Sarajevo canton as the Association of history teachers and educators.  The Association was registered on the state level in the following year. To achieve this, the Association has successfully pushed through a change in legislation that enables organisations to register on national (and not only canton) level. In 2009, EuroClio-HIP has 62 active members, and access to many more through educational institutions and organized activities and projects. The Association is run by the Steering Board, which consist of 5 members.  Supervisory Board consists of 3 members.  Term of office for both boards is 3 years.


The Association is established as a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit organization. Its main goal is  improvement of the history education vocation in primary and secondary schools in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Modernisation of history education, implementing contemporary approaches within history as a scientific field as well as within history as a school subject;
  • Organising workshops for history educators;
  • Informing history educators about the latest educational and didactic achievements in Europe;
  • Acquisition of instructional resources from the field of history worldwide;
  • Initiation of specific projects in the area of history education, engaging specialized experts;
  • Cooperation with organizations that directly or indirectly deal with history education abroad.