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Full member

Armenian Center for Democratic Education (CIVITAS)

Our main beneficiaries are:

  • Social Science teachers,
  • School district leaders,
  • Students,
  • Parents,
  • Active members,
  • Experts on human rights and democracy,
  • Decision makers in the education sector,
  • Civil society representatives,
  • researchers

Our goals and objectives are:

  • promote educational reforms,
  • support for public education policy and decision-making,
  • Teachers enhance and deepen the learning process and learning, capacity and skills,
  • to promote the educational level of students,
  • to promote the education of children and youth, healthy living culture,
  • deepen students’ knowledge and skills and world history studies, legal, economic, and ideological issues.
  • contribute to the development of democracy and civil society;
  • increase students’ commitment to democracy and its fundamental values.
  • promoting and strengthening school and community involvement in the educational process of the students in the study and solution of community problems;
  • promote human rights and environmental education,
  • support for vulnerable groups, children with special educational needs and interests of the right to education,
  • to promote social, civic education, electoral rights, gender and media education,
  • implement educational and public programs that promote leadership, responsibility, peace, tolerance, principles of development, conflict management, trafficking and AIDS / HIV fight,
  • implement educational and social studies.