Two Decades of Mapping History Under Threat

The Network for Concerned Historians celebrated its twenty-third anniversary on October 13, 2018. With more than two decades of monitoring cases of prosecuted and censored historians around the world, this network has put a neglected issue on the agenda, raising awareness about the multiple threats that history producers are receiving […]

Annual Report of the Network of Concerned Historians

History can be a very dangerous occupation. Thanks to the network of Concerned Historians, we can see on an annual basis how much under threat historians and history teachers are across the world. Reading through the 2017 edition of this annual report is a staunch reminder of the public role that history has, and how politicians, democratic or otherwise, are keen […]

Annual Report 2017 of the Network of Concerned Historians

The Network of Concerned Historians (NCH) has just published its Annual Report of 2017. This is available in pdf-version here. The NCH, established in 1995, serves as a link between concerned historians and human rights organisations. It wants to be an independent and universal network. This year’s Annual Report is the 23th Annual Report of […]

Network of Concerned Historians – Annual Report 2016 is now available

We are please to announce that the Annual Report 2016 of the Network of Concerned Historians (NCH) is now available in a pdf-version here. This is the 22th Annual Report of the NCH. It contains 123 pages of news about the domain where history and human rights intersect, especially about […]

Updates from the Network of Concerned Historians

On 13 October 2015, the Network of Concerned Historians (NCH) had its 20th anniversary. According to its coordinator Antoon de Baets, however, this was not a time for celebration. He points out that after the online publication of the 21st NCH Annual Report on 14 July 2015, historians in Syria and […]