On 13 October 2015, the Network of Concerned Historians (NCH) had its 20th anniversary. According to its coordinator Antoon de Baets, however, this was not a time for celebration. He points out that after the online publication of the 21st NCH Annual Report on 14 July 2015, historians in Syria and India have been killed, while historians in Azerbaijan, China and Morocco have been imprisoned or have otherwise found their rights infringed upon. On the NCH website you can find more information on these cases, as well as campaigns conducted since 13 October 1995; 21 NCH Annual Reports about the persecution of historians, history students, history educators and related professions and the censorship of history worldwide; 226 codes of ethics for historians, archaeologists and archivists in dozens of countries; and other relevant human rights documents and legal cases involving historians and history around the globe. Moreover, you are invited to forward to NCH any relevant documents to supplement these collections.