Project Update: Silencing Citizens Through Censorship in 2016

As 2016 comes towards an end, it is time for an update on how our exciting project on Silencing Citizens Through Censorship (SCC) is going. As of December 2016, more than 570 people have been directly reached through this project, with many more expected in 2017.  This project update will take you […]

Forbidden Women: Learning Activity Piloted in Skopje

On December 3rd and 4th, Association of History Teachers of Macedonia – (ANIM) hosted the final development meeting of the Silencing Citizens through Censorship project. The final development meeting covered a lot of concentrated work and technical improvement of materials by the authors as well as reflection on the developments and next […]

Dangerous Art: Piloting workshop in Ohrid, Macedonia

In the beginning of November 2016, the History Teachers’ Association of Macedonia (ANIM) successfully conducted a total of four workshops in two parallel session where the learning activities developed in the project Silencing Citizens through Censorship were piloted. The facilitators of the workshops, Mire Mladenovski and Bisera Srceva, presented the […]

Censuring the Censor: Studying censorship in Lyon during World War II like a historian

On 26 May and 10 November 2016 Caroline Morel, from APHG France, successfully piloted two Learning Activities at Lycée Jean Perrin in Lyon, France: archival research as a teaching strategy and Censoring the Censor. Both learning activities were developed within the European project Silencing Citizens through Censorship. Learning from Europe’s […]