As part of the project “Who Were the Victims of the National Socialists?”, EuroClio hosted an international workshop for students at our Annual Conference in Vilnius (20-22 April 2023) – the very first youth event to be held at a EuroClio Annual Conference. Over the course of two days, student representatives from our teams from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Denmark and Slovakia worked together with their peers from high schools in Vilnius to carry out a local history project. Under the guidance of Aaron Peterer, they explored monuments around the city and used a 360° camera to create a digital map of memorial sites. They then presented this to the general conference audience at the General Assembly. Parallel to this, the teachers from our teams from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Denmark, Slovakia and Spain held a workshop to present their experiences with the place-based learning methodology to other educators from across Europe and beyond.

Find the digital map created by the students here:

Our toolkit for place-based learning with step-by-step guidance, historical information sheets and learning resources is available here: