The international project “Who Were the Victims of the National Socialists?” was presented at the regional seminar “Holocaust as the starting point”, organized by Memorial de la Shoah, for the teachers from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia at the Jasenovac Memorial in Croatia on 23 rd May 2024. Tatjana Juric and Branka Ljubojevic, who participated in the project as a mentors of students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, presented the scope and the goals of the project, as well as the toolkit “Who Were the Victims of the National Socialists?” and video tutorials, which were created to motivate and inspire youth all around the world to explore their local history and visit memorial sites in their regions. They also shared with the participants of the seminar learning activities, methods and strategies used in their local history project through the multidisciplinary approach – history and literature. In this specific local history project students were exploring lives and deaths of Serbs, Jews, Roma and other victims of Ustasha’s and Nazis in the Independent state of Croatia during the WWII in Banjaluka, Kozara mountain, Ustica, Jasenovacand Donja Gradina.