As part of the dissemination phase of “Who Were the Victims of the National Socialists?”, our team from Belgium presented the project at the 2023 Forum Day of the Special Committee for Remembrance Education in Flanders, which was held in Brussels on 28 March.

In their workshop, our team members spoke about creative ways of teaching about World War Two and the Holocaust in schools, in particular the methodology of place-based learning for conducting student-led research on the victims of National Socialism in Europe.

In this context, they also shared more about their students’ local history project, which was done in collaboration with the Kazerne Dossin Memorial and Museum. As their local history activity, the students co-created a website, “Bringing Voices Alive and Becoming One”, which presents the case studies and personal stories they explored over the course of the project (in Dutch).

Find Team Belgium’s student project (in Dutch) here: