Event report “Critical Thinking in the Age of Emoji’s” now available

How do you stimulate students to question their sources? Can news that is distributed via social media still be reliable or is it “fake news” by definition? And how can you use Call of Duty in the Classroom? On 2 February EUROCLIO organized the professional development course “Critical Thinking in […]

European Commission Colloquium Underlines the Importance of Education

A Way to Prevent Violent Radicalisation On May 26 a colloquium was held in Brussels on “Promoting Inclusion and Fundamental Values through Education. The objectives of the Colloquium were to take stock of progress since the adoption of the Paris Declaration at EU, national, regional and local level. During the colloquium to […]

European Council concludes on Media Literacy and Critical Thinking

On Monday the Council of the European Union adopted a conclusion on media literacy and critical thinking through education and training. The Council considers the fact that “the internet – and social media in particular – offer unprecedented, almost limitless opportunities in terms of sharing knowledge and ideas.” The internet and social media […]