Europeana and EUROCLIO Continue Partnership to Unlock Digital Heritage for Education

In October, EUROCLIO Programme Director Steven Stegers and Network Coordinator Jaco Stoop attended the kick-off of the Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure phase 3. The Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) showcases and provides online access to Europe’s cultural and scientific heritage. EUROCLIO – European Association of History Educators is part of […]

Help Europeana develop new teaching resources

Europeana is currently in the process of developing a new online resource entitled Europeana Migration. This resource will showcase cultural treasures and everyday items relating to migrant heritage, exploring the impact of migration on European arts, science and history. In order to make sure the most interesting and relevant content for educative […]

ENRS Making History Interactive and Engaging through Animation

European Network Remembrance and Solidarity (ENRS) together with the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research have debuted their second animated short film in a series depicting significant moments in 20th-century history. The first short was dedicated to discussing the beginning of the First World War, and in the second, […]

Apply now for a Traineeship at EUROCLIO!

EUROCLIO is now accepting applications for the next round of trainees to join the Secretariat in The Hague from February-July 2018. The traineeship offers the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the inner-workings of an international NGO, while developing a wealth of practical skills. As a trainee, you will be in contact […]

Open Access Book: “History Education and Conflict Transformation” – Mario Carretero

Social representations of history are vital to form a group’s identity. They have a wide social and political impact as they provide some of the cultural contents that accompany identity changes following societal transformations. In Europe, these representations are fragmented between nations or ethnic groups. They elicit group-based emotions that […]

Council of Europe – Learning to Live Together: a Shared Commitment to Democracy

The Council of Europe has published the outcomes of a conference held in Strasbourg on the 20th-22nd of June this year, where over 400 representatives of governments, education institutions and civil society organisations debated the future of citizenship and human rights education in Europe. The discussion at the conference was […]

Annual Report of the Network of Concerned Historians

History can be a very dangerous occupation. Thanks to the network of Concerned Historians, we can see on an annual basis how much under threat historians and history teachers are across the world. Reading through the 2017 edition of this annual report is a staunch reminder of the public role that history has, and how politicians, democratic or otherwise, are keen […]

Work on online learning environment Historiana continues in Gdansk

At the end of August the Historiana Teaching and Learning team came together with the Historical Content Team in Gdansk, Poland for their annual meeting. This year they discussed ideas for the future development of Historiana with the webdevelopers, and worked on exemplar activities using the online tools that are […]

Development on Cold War Historiana Module Continues in the Hague

As part of the continuing development of a module about the Cold War on Historiana, Andrea Scionti and Bob Stradling of the Historical Content team paid a visit to the EUROCLIO Secretariat in the Hague on the 20th of September. The module aims to provide history educators with easily-accessible and […]

Teachers Introduced to Toolbox for Intercultural Learning in Berlin

In the first week of September the EFIL (European Federation for Intercultural Learning) hosted a 5-day training in Berlin, showcasing a recently developed “training toolbox” which aims to expand the intercultural competences of educators. The main purpose of the toolbox is to encourage school staff to enhance the intercultural dimension of […]