RETHINK Work Package 2 meeting

This is the second of three meetings where the participating membersof Work Package 2 come together. During the meeting the Handbook will be further discussed and developed.

RETHINK 2nd Consortium Meeting/1st Work Package 2 Meeting

Here, two meetings related to the RETHINK project run parallel – a meeting of the COnsortium members to discuss how overall management and progress of the project is going and the first Work Package 2 meeting. Work Package 2 is one of 6 work packages related to this project and […]

Expert Group Selected for RETHINK project

Great news! For the project RETHINK, EUROCLIO was able to select four participants for the Expert Group for Work Package 2! Through a call that was spread in the network of EUROCLIO, almost 20 applications were received. Based on our selection criteria, including experience in teaching in remembrance education, the […]

Launch of RETHINK Project in Paris

From 29-30 of January this year, Jaco Stoop and Judith Geerling from the EUROCLIO Secretariat will attend the launch of a new project of which EUROCLIO is a partner. The project, entitled “RETHINK”, is led by the Centre International D’etudes Pedagogiques – CIEP, and aims to bring together and disseminate different […]