EUROCLIO Welcomes New Board, Member Organizations

During the General Assembly, held at the 23rd EUROCLIO Annual Conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland, EUROCLIO member organizations elected two new board members. Sinead Fitzsimons was elected board member, while Frank van den Akker was elected financial advisor to the Board. The Association bids farewell to president Marjan de Groot-Reuvekamp, secretary Semih Aktekin, Peder […]

Education Minister John O’Dowd Addresses #euroclio2016AC

On 21 March, the Minister of Education of the Northern Ireland Executive addressed the 23rd EUROCLIO Annual Conference “Reimagining Remembrance”. The Minister welcomed local and international delegates of the conference on behalf of the Northern Ireland Executive: I am delighted that EUROCLIO chose Belfast as the venue for this year’s conference. The […]

Keynote Speaker Tony Gallagher: “Engage More Critically with World Outside Classroom” #euroclio2016AC

Tony Gallagher, Professor of Education delivered a keynote speech at the 23rd EUROCLIO Annual Conference “Reimagining Remembrance” currently taking place in Belfast, Northern Ireland. During his presentation (available for download in .pdf below), Mr. Gallagher discussed the role of education systems in a divided society, while presenting the case of Northern […]

23rd Annual Conference Kicks Off: “Belfast is a Place of Diversity, Not of Dichotomy.”

On Saturday, March 19, EUROCLIO President Marjan de Groot-Reuvekamp opened the 23rd EUROCLIO Annual Conference “Reimagining Remembrance: Dealing with the Legacy of a Violent Past in History and Heritage Education” currently being held in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Opening statements were also delivered by Director Jonathan Even-Zohar, Senior Lecturer in Education at […]

23rd EUROCLIO Annual Conference: Reimagining Remembrance

23rd EUROCLIO Annual Conference: Reimagining Remembrance

Societies which have experienced conflict and reached a peace accord have difficulty in moving from “negative” to “positive” peace. Often remembering and commemorating the difficult past presents particular challenges in the reconciliation process for governments, civil society and history educators. Northern Ireland is no exception to this.This conference will take […]

Belfast Calling! #euroclio2016AC

The 23rd edition of the EUROCLIO Annual Conference is just four days away! The conference will realize its ambition of reaching out to more than 170 educators from more than 30 different countries all over the world throughout different days at the conference. Below you can find the conference booklet, which will […]

Final Call: Register for 23rd EUROCLIO Annual Conference in Belfast

If you haven’t yet registered for the 23rd EUROCLIO Annual Conference “Remembering the Difficult Past through History and Heritage Education”, your final opportunity to do so is until 20 February! You can register by filling out the Google form here. More information about the conference is available at the conference page. Updates […]

Exciting Programme Updates for 23rd EUROCLIO Annual Conference

EUROCLIO is pleased to announce that the registration deadline for the 23rd Annual Conference “Remembering the Difficult Past through History and Heritage Education” (19-24 March 2016, Belfast) has been extended to 1 January 2016! If you’ve missed your chance to register before, you can do so by filling out the […]

International Board of EUROCLIO Meets in The Hague

On 11-12 December, the EUROCLIO Board convened in The Hague. The meeting dealt with a variety of issues in the area of governance, financial supervision and planning. There was also time to brainstorm on future activities and to obtain a detailed update by the EUROCLIO staff members. The main focus […]