On Saturday, March 19, EuroClio President Marjan de Groot-Reuvekamp opened the 23rd EuroClio Annual Conference “Reimagining Remembrance: Dealing with the Legacy of a Violent Past in History and Heritage Education” currently being held in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Opening statements were also delivered by Director Jonathan Even-Zohar, Senior Lecturer in Education at Ulster University Alan McCully and Culture and Heritage Officer of the Belfast City Council Robert Heslip.

Belfast is a place of diversity, not of dichotomy.

—Robert Heslip, Culture and Heritage Officer, Belfast City Council

The conference will continue through Thursday March 24. During the conference, keynotes, workshops, on-site learning and school visits focus on the roles, impact and challenges of the decade’s historical and contemporary importance and to reflect on remembering and commemorating the difficult past presents particular challenges in the reconciliation process for governments, civil society and history educators.

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