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Bridging Histories is a project that connects Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian history educators in Bosnia and Herzegovina to contribute together to history education of higher quality, greater inclusiveness and diversity of perspectives. It also connects the past projects with the broad regional initiative that we envision for the post-Yugoslavia region.

Building upon the projects that EuroClio-HIP already participated in in the past, this project will continue to train history educators in Bosnia and Herzegovina on a regional level. The local experts and authors also aim to conduct a thorough assessment of recent history curricula guidelines developed by the Ministry of Education and come forth with Recommendations for implementing them in curricula that are modern, inclusive, diverse and focus on delivering skills as much as facts.

The EuroClio HIP staff and members will undergo a capacity building workshop, empowering the organization for future independence and sustainability.  The talented team of coordinators, authors, and experts will meanwhile continue to work on preparation for a wider regional project envisaged for the near future.

Specifically, the following activities will take place: four regional teacher training workshops, assessment of guidelines for history curricula and a capacity development workshop.

Project Aims

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The primary goal of the project Bridging Histories is to contribute to the current history education reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Due to the fact that the BiH government has not selected anyone to implement the developed history curricula guidelines, the process is frozen.

The EuroClio HIP is the best suited and most qualified institution to help move the curricula implementation, after its thorough analysis, forward. EuroClio Secretariat will assist this process by strengthening and empowering EuroClio HIP via training, logistical, administrative, and networking support.

Bridging Histories brings together a trained group of history education experts and professionals who set out to accomplish the following key goals:

  • To reach and train more teachers and history educators in using the previously.
  • developed materials and methodology available through EuroClio HIP.
  • To assist in the process of history curricula development, assess needs, evaluate the developed national guidelines, and outline recommendations for the process of curricula building in all the cantons of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • To strengthen the capacity of EuroClio HIP, providing training in leadership and management skills to empower the organization to carry on independent projects, initiatives, and serve as a hub for history educators.


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  • Wider implementation of the developed material and methodology in BiH.
  • Recommendations for history curricula development in BiH.
  • Skilled and trained history educators in BiH.
  • A strengthened EuroClio‐HIP organisation as a sustainable independent platform for sharing know‐how, experience and skills among history educators in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Increased visibility of EuroClio‐HIP in BiH.


Final Report:

Part of the initiative

History that Connects

Supported by



Bosnian History Teachers’ Association

Project Managers

Joke van der Leeuw-Roord, EuroClio Executive Director

Steven Stegers, EuroClio Project Coordinator

Dagmar Kusa, former EuroClio Junior Coordinator


Coordinators (EuroClio -HIP):

Bojana Dujković – Blagojević

Melisa Forić

Edin Veladžić


Trainers/Authors and Experts:

Bahrzdin Besirevic

Elma Hašimbegović

Marija Naletilic

Milija Marjanović

Boro Bronza

Edin Radušić