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Hosted by Denver Charles, Enrico Cavalieri, and Stefán Svavarsson (Football Makes History Team)

This session will focus on three lessons that have been developed in the Football Makes History Project:

  • What does identity have to do with football? – Presented by Denver Charles

    This activity focuses on the analysis of historical examples to investigate how particular moments in history influence the formation of people (and club’s) identity, ultimately becoming embedded in it. Ultimately, the activity helps students explore their (multiple) personal identities, and express them to their peers.
    You can find this activity on Historiana ->

  • Disappearing from football and the world – Presented by Enrico Cavalieri

    This activity asks students to use historical sources (mostly newspaper articles) to reconstruct the life story of Árpád Weisz, brilliant football player, coach, and victim of the Holocaust. In reconstructing his life story, students learn how to analyse sources and use them to write the biography of historical figures.
    You can find this activity on Historiana ->

  • The European Championships: Euro 2016 at different times – Presented by Stefán Svavarsson
    This activity helps teachers and students reflect on just how fluid European borders have been in the last 150 years, and how concepts like nationality and ethnicity can be difficult to define. This activity can be used to tackle the rise of nationalism and the idea of the nation state, and to look into the effects of politics on nationalism during the 19th and 20th centuries.
    You can find this activity on Historiana ->

After a short presentation of the three lessons, participants will divide in parallel rooms, where they will experience one of the activity hands on, putting themselves in the shoes of students.


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Participation Fee

Participation to this session is free.

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June 4, 2021
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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