Football Makes History

Some would say history is just one damned thing after the other, that it should be put to rest in the past and that bygones should be bygones. These people are not necessarily wrong, but in an ever-complex world of globalised societies and rising exclusivist identity-politics, the stories we tell […]

Teaching History Trough Football: Piloting Meeting in Frankfurt

A group of educators within EUROCLIO network came together in Frankfurt, Germany on 4-6 November to develop a concept and an educational framework for teaching European history through football. This work was done as part of a EUROCLIO initiative to start a new long-term project titled “Football, a People’s History […]

Football: a people’s history of Europe, Kicks Off

Sports and Education Football, the most favorite sport of Europe is now more than 150 years old and it has been an important witness of the 20th century history, so there is no wonder why EUROCLIO is willing to use sports history in the classroom. The history of local football […]

Support our Proposal: History of Football to Teach 20th Century Europe

Football, A People’s History to Europe. Legacies and Memories in History Education. This project is the first to connect history education and football on a European scale. We aim for a freely available online educational resource on the history of football, including transnational source collections, joining learning activities and historical […]