The project “We” and “The Others” aims to enhance the quality of history teaching in seven provinces of Ukraine by facilitating a public discussion on reconsideration of the role of history in the Ukrainian society. It also aims to identify new opportunities to create a multicultural image of the post- communist society. The project is initiated by ‘Nova Doba’ – All Ukrainian Association of Teachers of history and Social Studies’ and EuroClio and EUSTORY are involved as international partners. Promotion of history and civic education aiming at the democratization of the social life of the Ukrainians was always the main concern of ‘Nova Doba’. In the project, a traditional ethnocentric approach is replaced with new multicultural and multi-aspect approaches to the development of history education. In addition, methodological teaching materials on the place and role of national minorities in the Ukrainian history are developed. Teachers are trained in innovative approaches to history teaching for tolerance, to use various methods of history teaching as a means to prevent national xenophobia. Finally, teachers are trained to involve pupils into researching history of various national minorities in their local communities.

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Introduction UK
1. Migration in the history of Ukraine UK
2. The city as a period of culture and civilization UK
3. Coexistence in the history of Ukraine UK
4. Religious immigration in the history of Ukraine UK
5. Identity and personnel in the history of Ukraine UK
Glossary UK

Part of the Project

“We” and “The Other”

Funded by

Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine

Members involved

All Ukrainian Association of Teachers of History and Social Studies


Coordinators (Nova Doba):

Petro Kenzor, Iryna Kostyuk, Polina Verbytska.

Textbook contributors:

Ms. Svitlana Antipova, Mr. Volodymyr Chumak, Ms. Natalia Gerasym, Ms. Nataliya Holosova, Ms. Tetyana Hoshko, Ms. Iryna Ivanova, Mr. Petro Kendzor, Ms. Oksana Kis’, Ms. Oksana Kozhemyaka, Ms. Oleksandra Kozoroh, Ms. Oksana Mikheyeva, Mr. Viktor Mysan, Ms. Larysa Nikitska, Ms. Olha Pedan-Slyepukhina, Mr. Vitaliy Pestrecov, Ms. Yaroslava Riznykova, Ms. Maya Varshavska, Ms. Polina Verbytska.

EuroClio Experts:

Danute Dura, Dean Smart.

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