The Period seen through the Eyes of an Individual. Ukraine and Europe 1900-1939

In 2000, while submitting the project, we wrote that Ukraine was one of the new states in Central and Eastern Europe that is building a new identity and a new position in Europe. School history was made a key topic in the Ukrainian process of nation building. This choice gave history also the position of the most politicised school subject. In the project “New Times, New History” we looked into this role of history education with focus on contributing to stability and democracy in Ukraine, especially regarding the different regions and ethnic and linguistic communities within the country, but also regarding the relations with the neighbouring countries. The school history textbook, History of the Epoch. The Period seen through the Eyes of an Individual. Ukraine and Europe 1900-1939, which is the result of this project, mirrors these specific elements.

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History of the Epoch

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Section 1. The world enters the 20th century  UK
Section 2. Time of wars and revolutions  UK
Section 3. Post-war stabilisation: achievements and losses  UK
Section 4. Democracy and dictatorship. The 1930s: a human dimension  UK

Part of the Project

New Times, New History

Funded by

MATRA Programme

Members involved

All-Ukrainian Association of Teachers of History and Social Studies (Nova Doba)


Local coordinators: 

Iryna Kostyuk,  Polina Verbitska.


Serhiy V. Bilonozhko, Yuriy S. Komarov, Viktor O. Mysan, Andriy O. Osmolovskyi, Olexandr Zaytstev.

Ukrainian Consultants: 

Dr. Tetyana V. Ladychenko, Prof. Dr. Olena I. Pometun, Prof. Dr. Yuri Shapoval, Prof. Dr. Olexandr A. Udod, Raisa Yevtushenko.

Ministry of Education of Ukraine:

Dr. Pavlo B. Polyansky.

International Experts:

Tony McAleavy, Richard Dargie, Christa Donnermair, Julia V. Kushnereva, Duncan Toms.

History Educators:

Lyudmyla M. Mala, Olexandr V. Starukh, Lyudmyla I. Kalinina, Olexandr A. Bilous’ko.

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Meie Kiel, Kateryna Bardadym, Jos Uyterlinden.

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