Discovering Diversity is an educational project on the history of migrants in the Euro-Mediterranean area. The main objective is the development of a methodology that helps history and civic teachers to connect the individual history of students to the local and larger history of migration in the Euro-Med region. Discovering the different layers of community history will lead to the discovery of multiple facets of identity, empower communities, and give tools to history and civics educators to teach complex issues through a process of personal discovery and reflection. Within this project, six case studies were developed. They are called “Recent Migration from Morocco”, “Recent Migration to Denmark”, “Forced Migration of Germans from the Sudetenland in 1945”, “Nurses from Surinam coming to the Netherlands, in the 1950s”, “Caucasian Migration to Ottoman Empire in the 19th Century”, and “Moving to North America. Irish Migration in the 19th Century.”

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 1. Introduction  EN
 2. Introductory Lesson  EN
 3.  Postcolonial Migration from North Africa  EN
 4. Immigration to Denmark in recent times  EN
 5. Forced migration of Germans from the Sudetenland  EN
 6. Nurses from Surinam  EN
 7. The Russian expulsion of Circassian peoples  EN
 8. An Irish Exodus  EN
 9. Oral History  EN


Project Coordinators: Mounir Dadi, Maria Kazamiaki.

Editor-in-Chief: Robert Stradling.

Editors: Floris Kolvenbach, Joke van der Leeuw-Roord, Dzintra Liepina, Robert Maier, Mire Mladenovski, Yosanna Vella.

Authors: Semih Aktekin, Benny Christensen, Annemarie Cottaar, Elma Hasimbegovic, Agnete Holt Anderson, Elarbi Imad, Marta Kucner, Sylvia Semmet, Ineke Veldhuis-Meester, Marina Zavacka.




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Danish History Teachers’ Association


Association of History Teachers of Germany


Moroccan Center for Civic Education (Associated Member)
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