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To promote and support the development of a Regional History Education Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia, and to identify ways ahead for school history strengthening Peace, Stability and Democracy

The overall aim of the project is to promote and support the development of History Education Network in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia which strengthens Peace, Stability and Democracy. To reach this aim, several fact finding missions to the three countries, as well as training seminars for textbook authors, trainers and teachers in Bosnia and Croatia took place. In addition, several regional seminars were organised in the separate countries.

Project Aims

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  • To enhance the quality of history education in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia.
  • To enhance national and international cooperation, communication and network on the learning and teaching in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia and abroad.
  • To professionalize History Teachers and setting up a History Teachers Organisation.


  • Growing awareness for the need of innovative history curricula respecting diversity in society.
  • A growing group of updated trained trainers and teachers.
  • A growing international dimension in history education.
  • Growing capacities through implementing democratic skills and practice in history education.
  • Growing use of information and communication technology in history education.
  • A growing network of history educators in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia willing to take their share and responsibility for peace and stability in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia.
  • Increased awareness  among history educators about the diversity in society.
  • Enriched national and international cooperation and understanding.
  • A growing and active professional network of history educators.
  • Starting to develop independent, active and professional history educators’ organisations in Bosnia and Croatia.
  • Starting to develop sustainable Associations able to take responsibility and ownership on a national and/or regional level.
  • Starting to develop professional skills and use of information and communication technology of history educators.

The final report can be found here: Final Report Yugoslavia PDF- EN

Supported by


Danish History Teachers’ Association


Bosnian History Teachers’ Association


Croatian History Teachers’ Association


Association for Social History in Serbia


Edin Veladzic (Institute for History), 

Vera Katz (Institute for History), 

Husnija Kamberovic (Institute for History),

Lotte Schou (Denmark),

Zvezdana Marcic-Matosevic (BiH),

Thomas Notz (Switzerland),

Suzana Pesorda (Croatia),

Ljiljana Lazarevic (Serbia),

Jasmina Djorjevic (Montenegro),

Mire Mladenovski (Macedonia).

Project Managers


Joke van der Leeuw-Roord, EuroClio Executive Director

Lieke van Wijk, EuroClio Project Manager

Jelka Razpotnik, EuroClio Board Member and Project Coordinator