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A large group of education practitioners critically reflected on the current challenges, opportunities and good practices in history education in their respective countries.The project offered their associations an opportunity to rejuvenate their organisations and develop a shared vision for history education in the Western Balkans and their role as civil society actors, and familiarise educators with new innovative methodologies to implement high-quality history education.

Project Aims

Overall: To promote and implement innovative approaches of teaching and learning of history in the Western Balkan.


  • Rejuvenation: To train a new generation of history, heritage and citizenship teachers in innovative methodologies and approaches and reinforce existing networks.
  • Regional platform: To create a new website to be a participatory regional platform for interdisciplinary innovation in history, heritage and citizenship education.
  • Innovation: To advocate and implement recommendations for innovation in history, heritage and citizenship education.
  • Inspiration: To inspire through sharing ground-breaking new approaches and pedagogies a core group of regional practitioners in history, heritage and citizenship education to develop a new vision on History Education.


  • Workshops materials made available for all participants
  • A Summer School on “Rethinking On-Site Learning to find the Global in the Local“ (four-day professional development course organised in Šipovo)
  • 11  Local Multiplier Events
  • Stocktaking and feasibility study of a regional online platform
  • Video Report of the EuroClio Annual Conference in Helsingor, Denmark
  • Health checks of the Partner Associations
  • Project outline on new regional project on Ottoman Legacy

Supported by


Regional Cooperation Council Task Force on Culture and Society, the Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders, ALBNA, ANIM, EUROPCLIO-HIP BiH, HIPMONT, HUNP, UDI, SHMHK, Slovenian History Teachers Association

Core team members

Fatmiroshe Xhemalaj
Gentian Dedja
Senada Jusic
Dea Maric
Flora Komani
Risto Nikoleski
Miloš Mrvaljević
Miloš Vukanović
Aleksandar Todosijevic
Irena Paradžik

Project Managers

Jonathan Even-Zohar, EuroClio Director
Judith Geerling, Project Manager