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Project Description

The overall objective to lay a firm foundation for cooperation towards the promotion of responsible and innovative history, heritage and citizenship education in the North Africa and the Middle East has been met. The project has brought together a group of education practitioners who proved to be very able to critically reflect on the needs of history and citizenship education in their respective countries. The group is willing and able to implement future activities if the opportunities are there. The Special Report can be used as basis for follow up activities and gives a good overview of what has already happened and what needs to happen from here. The interest from other stakeholders, like the League of Arab States and Anna Lindh Foundation offers room for synergies between the various actors. The Special Event, which was the main activity of the project, has been a unique experience for all involved, because it was the first time that history education practitioners themselves were given the opportunity to think together about the impact of Arab Awakening on their own teaching practices, and the role that they have as civil society actors.

Project Aims

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  • Identification of the best people and networks to work with.
  • Identification of existing practices to build upon on national and regional level.
  • Assessment of the present situation and current needs of history educators
  • Discuss what the priorities should be for follow up activities.
  • Bring the various actors who work on history education and North-South cooperation (ALESCO, Anna Lindh Foundation, North-South Center of the Open Society Institute, and UNESCO) together to streamline activities and policies.


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For the participants:

  •    Skills and competences for innovative and responsible history education.
  •    Contacts with peers from Europe and key organisations for history education and North-South cooperation.
  •    A voice in the priority setting of future activities for their respective countries.

For EuroClio:

  •    Results of the survey
  •    Results of the round table
  •    Experiences with colleagues MENA

For all stakeholders:

  •    Access to information

Supported by


Lebanese Association for History

History Educators’ Union Association of Turkey

Project Managers

Joke van der Leeuw-Roord, EuroClio Executive Director

Jonathan Even-Zohar, EuroClio Senior Manager

Steven Stegers, EuroClio Senior Manager

Aysel Gojayeva, EuroClio Project Manager


Samira ALAYAN, Senior Researcher, Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research, Palestine/Germany

Roman CHAPLAK, Deputy to the Executive Director, the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe

Nourhan SALEH, Coordinator, Department of The Dialogue of Civilizations- League of Arab States

Semih AKTEKIN, Faith Facukty of Education, Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey

Said BAHAJIN, Researcher in UNESCO Chair of philosophy for Peace, Jaume I University in Spain

Mira BIBITKO, history teacher, Rishon-Le-Zion in Israel

Youssef BOU ANTOUN, History Teacher for 7th to 11th grade, Zahrat El-Ihsan in Beirut

Massoud DAHER, professor, Lebanese University

Ofelia GADZEVSKA, Head of the Social Studies Department, Modern American School of Egypt 2000

Souad HALILA, Assistant Professor of History and Cultural Studies, University of Tunis Al-Manar

Nayla Khodr HAMADEH, education specialist, Educational Resources Center at International College (IC)

Sandra KALNIETE, European Parliament Member

Kariman MANGO, IB Route 1: European and Medieval Islamic History Teacher

Khalil MAKARI, learning mentor, Centre for Lebanese Studies at Oxford University

Abderrazak MORJANI, Educator, Moroccan Centre for Civic Education

Prof. Nurit PELED-ALHANAN, Lecturer in Language Education, Faculty of Education, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Eman QARA’EEN, educational project manager, Jordan Education Initiative

Tharwat Gaid SALAMA, Educator, Area Manager, Coptic Orphans

Maha SHUAYB, Senior Fellow, Centre for Lebanese Studies, University of Cambridge

Roi SILBERBERG, educator, Zochrot organization

Anna VEEDER, Project Development Manager, Emek Shaveh