Work on online learning environment Historiana continues in Gdansk

At the end of August the Historiana Teaching and Learning team came together with the Historical Content Team in Gdansk, Poland for their annual meeting. This year they discussed ideas for the future development of Historiana with the webdevelopers, and worked on exemplar activities using the online tools that are […]

Research Report on Teaching “Europe” to Enhance EU Cohesion is Now Available

As part of EUROCLIO’s project Teaching “Europe” to enhance EU cohesion, the project members have been contributing to a comparative research report that encompasses analysis of two history textbooks of each of the 28 EU member states, and specifically looks into fundamental commonalities and differences in European teaching about the European […]

Report on European education policies of school digitisation is now available

As part of EUROCLIO’s project Innovating History Education for All, project partner Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research has been conducting a comparative analysis of digital learning in European education policies and curricula. Specifically, political strategies by the European Union, Albania, Denmark, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, Poland, and Spain […]

Updates on the “E-Story: Media and History” Project

Various things are going on in the “E-Story: Media and History” project, in which specialists in history and media education from different organisations from Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have combined their efforts to see how history education can help young people acquire media literacy competences. […]

IHEA Team Tours the Netherlands with New myHistoriana e-Learning Environment

As part of EUROCLIO’s project “Innovating History Education for All“, the Historiana website has been both renewed and extended. Historiana offers free historical content, ready to use learning activities, and innovative digital tools made by and for history educators across Europe. The development of the e-Learning environment is also supported […]

“Football: A People’s History of Europe” Piloting in Action

Over the past few months, materials developed during the “Football: A People’s History of Europe” project meeting at Eintracht Frankfurt’s Commerzbank-Arena 4-6 November 2016, have been piloted to classrooms in Germany and Croatia, receiving positive feedback. “Football: A People’s History of Europe” aims to use the history of football and its […]

Final Project Meeting on Historiana and Online Learning in IHEA Project

In the context of the IHEA project (Innovating History Education for All) the project partners met for the final time. Maren Tirbukait from Georg Eckert Institute (GEI), Jakub Lorenc and Jacek Staniszewski from Educational Research Institute (IBE), Helen Snelson from Mount School York (MSY) with online participation of Nique Sanders […]