Innovative collaborations of school education, museums, heritage professionals and football clubs through the prism of local football history

For the latest updates on the project, please consult the dedicated Football Makes History website!

About the Project

The overall mission of this project is to unleash the potential of football heritage to contribute to social change and historical consciousness through local educational partnerships among football clubs and schools.

We gather historians, educators, heritage professionals and inclusion activists working in education, football and history and heritage research to co-design,test, deliver and upscale educational interventions to enable football clubs and their museums to be opportunities for young people to learn and take local action to build a more inclusive and peaceful future. Football is a game where conflicts are present but where, despite the differences, people from different backgrounds collaborate for a unique goal. Could football museums and schools work together to use their resources to teach history and navigate into a difficult past? Would these experiences have an emotional impact on the students, even beyond the historical facts?

Project Aims

Our objectives are to:

1. Research existing local football club-school partnerships, monitor the development of the program and evaluate the effectiveness of the project results

2. Challenge school students and club heritage staff to uncover local conflicted histories that have a strong connection with their local football communities together;

3. Support football club museums to engage local education stakeholders and become a space for heritage education 4. Support teachers to replicate effective local approaches to co-design and storytelling in partnerships with football club museums;

4. Sustain and grow the European network of educators, historians, activists and football workers gathered in FMH, and together develop public awareness that inspires action on/with football heritage.

Project Outcomes

  • A self-assessment tool which enables educators anywhere in Europe to implement local school-football museum partnership in an effective and evidence-driven way;
  • A range of students’ made teaching material, including posts, stories and reports, but most importantly three professionally produced short documentaries where student teams have acted as producers;
  • A training course for football heritage professionals which allows them to specially develop their football museum as a space for learning and foster school partnerships;
  • A toolkit with underlying methodology and a set of hands-on teaching strategies for educators which gives the needed framework and content to conduct local school-football club museum partnerships;
  • An advanced project website ( which hosts all project results including several multimedia materials as well as engages effectively with external stakeholders, multiplies the usage of the resources, and is inviting to a growing community of educators and football heritage professionals.



The project will be implemented with the financial support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.