About Bob Stradling

Dr. Bob Stradling taught modern political history at London University before he moved to Scotland in the 1990s where he was appointed Senior Research Fellow and Director of a multi-disciplinary research unit at the University of Edinburgh. From the mid-1980s he also worked on a part-time basis for the Council of Europe as history education consultant and in that capacity was also actively involved in the planning to establish EuroClio in 1992. He has continued to work with the team at EuroClio ever since. In 2009, having retired from the University, he was invited by EuroClio to join an advisory board to discuss how best to develop a website for history educators, Historiana, and development began in 2010 with Bob as editor-in-chief. He is also the author of Teaching 20th Century European History (2001); Multiperspectivity in History Teaching (2003), joint author (with Chris Rowe) of Critical Moments in Recent European History (2008) and the editor of Crossroads of European History (2008).
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