EuroClio and EuroClio’s partners in the Erasmus+ Teacher Academy SENSEI: School EducatioN for Sustainable and Equal Inclusion are looking for teaching practices centred around inclusive education. The practice collection will serve as a basis for the Initial Teacher Training course and self-paced hybrid in-service teacher training course to be developed within the framework of the SENSEI project.


In this project, we will deal with how to include all students in the teaching-learning process, and in particular students with special education needs, including students with dyslexia, ADHD and other learning difficulties, but also high-attaining students; students with a migrant background; students that are part of national, cultural, or religious minorities; students of different socioeconomic backgrounds, students that are members of LGBTQI+ communities, and female students (with a focus on equitable representation).

During the project we will develop a module for Initial Teacher Training and a hybrid International Continued Professional Development course that help in- and pre-service teachers acquire the competences needed to differentiate and scaffold their lessons so as to make the (history) classroom experience more meaningful, motivating, and inclusive for all students.

For more information about the project visit our SENSEI webpage.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for practices that are low-cost (affordable) and easy to replicate.

  • Do you have a teaching practice to share that takes into consideration selected aspect or aspects of inclusion?
  • That fosters inclusion by the means of selecting contents or designing and implementing inclusive teaching-learning strategies or strategies of classroom management?
  • That sheds light on the issues and gives voices to the groups and individuals so far marginalized or neglected in education?
  • That includes in the teaching materials the role of the groups marginalized in the past or in the present time?

We will also appreciate other comments and are flexible as for the format and language of your presentation. You can submit it in your language, and we will take care of the translation into English.

To share your practice, please fill in this form providing a short description of your teaching practice (similar to by April 3, 2024.

The overall aim of the SENSEI project is to prepare future history teachers for inclusive history education more attuned to the realities of 21st century societies. Identifying good teaching practices will be crucial for the success of our project. Selected practices will be included in the course materials developed as a result of the project and will be made available on the EuroClio website in a blog format. Due credit will always be given to the Author. Selected Authors will be invited to participate in other SENSEI’s activities.

We thank you in advance for sharing your ideas with us!