The textbook “Ukraine and the world: introduction to history and civic education” (M. Kaftan, I. Kostyuk and K. Novikova) for the 6th grade has been granted government approval for use in Ukrainian schools.

The textbook, released by Svytych Publishing House, is part of the series of textbooks published with support of EuroClio’s crowdfunding campaign Books not Bombs.

Help us make the newly approved book available to Ukrainian schools!

Despite the war, a group of passionate history educators has kept an ongoing school reform in Ukraine going. The reform reflects a shift in focus and values toward democratic education, representing a definitive break with the Soviet style of teaching. It has been termed the “New Ukrainian School” and involves, among others, EuroClio Ambassador Iryna Kostyuk as a textbook author.

The Books not Bombs crowdfunding campaign has resulted in more than 27.000 euro in donations. These funds have been used to support the publication of the textbook for 5th grade and we extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who made a donation – be it small or big!

The continued support from individuals to fund the publication of the textbook series is crucial as the Ukrainian government is unable to do so in the current context.

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