The Contested Histories OnSite project is nearing its conclusion – however, the virtual tours and lectures are available online anytime! Explore the contested histories of the Warsaw Uprising Museum (Poland), the Bronze Soldier of Tallinn (Estonia), the Bas-Relief in Bolzano (Italy), or the Valley of the Fallen (Spain). Each tour engages citizens, students, educators and experts in critical reflections on histories of totalitarianism.

Contested Histories OnSite is a project coordinated by EuroClio and the Memory Studies Association. It aims to shed light on the multiple and diverse historical perspectives that exist across Europe. Through this, we endeavour to promote dialogue, reflection, and an understanding of different narratives of history. By raising awareness of practices of remembrance, we also hope to strengthen common beliefs and values that transcend national differences.

As part of the project, we will also be launching a Multimedia Toolkit in 2023. It includes guidance on how to provide tours of contested historical sites, along with video lectures and video tutorials of tour guides in practice. Stay tuned for updates in the new year!