Are you having refugee students in your classroom as a result of the war in Ukraine? The Ukrainian government’s ‘Institute for Modernisation of Education’ (Інституту модернізації змісту освіти) provides an online catalogue of Ukrainian textbooks on all subject matters (link in Ukrainian), available for refugees to use.

Please follow the below links for an overview textbooks relating to the teaching of history, sorted by grade:

Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7 (History of Ukraine), Grade 7 (World history), Grade 8 (Ukraine), Grade 8 (World), Grade 9 (Ukraine), Grade 9 (World), Grade 10 (Ukraine and the World), Grade 10 (Ukraine), Grade 10 (World), Grade 11 (Ukraine), Grade 11 (World)

Did you know that while the war in Ukraine is raging a dedicated group of teachers continues – against all odds – to push for educational reform? The textbook that they created for Grade 5, “Ukraine and the World” has been incredibly well received. For the reform to continue, they need to finish a textbook for Grade 7 before the winter. With students spread across the world and many students in Ukraine unable to continue their education at school due to permanent heavy shelling, there is also a need to digitise the books for distance learning.

What makes this difficult?

  • There are only a few authors able to continue the work – others have joined the defence force, are refugees themselves or live too close to the front line to continue their work
  • There are no funds for the development of books as the government priortise the armed forces
  • There has been no income for the textbooks already produced

What are we doing?

Our great hope is that the EuroClio community can help bridge this funding gap. With our partners at The History Co:Lab and filmmaker Stefano di Pietro, we are now making a documentary film showcasing their story in the hope that we can spread the word of these important efforts. 

How can you help?

Donate! We are in a constant race against time. Please consider making a donation at