Over the course of the last few weeks, our various Team Members as part of the project “Who were the victims of the national socialists?”, have begun to conduct their respective projects with their students. Throughout the summer and into the autumn season, our five Teams from Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Denmark, and Spain will be undertaking their respective place-based learning projects alongside their students in an attempt to better understand the roots of discrimination through researching the victims of the National Socialists.

In a recent update, our Team from Spain has just gone on their first place-based excursion to visit human rights monuments and Holocaust memorials at Eskubideen Gunea in San Sebastian, Spain.

As seen in the photos, this project places emphasis not only on place-based learning, but also on youth-empowerment to allow students to work with their peers and educators to create their own local history projects.

We are very excited to see the progress that the teams have made so far – stay tuned for more updates throughout the summer!