Do you want to join a transnational team of schools from across Europe developing interactive education kits about our recent history? 

In Europe Schools is a one of a kind European exchange project in which students film their recent history, and research and compare themes like democracy, human rights, privacy, difficult histories, climate change and migration. Schools from all over Europe will take part in this project and work on the same themes. All their short documentaries will be gathered in a playlist by VPRO, a Dutch public broadcaster.

Interested in having your school joining us on this exciting project? To learn more, attend our online presentation webinar on either 20 or 29 April at 5pm CEST:


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During the webinar, one of the authors of the educational resources, Harri Beobide, will present the project in further detail. Harri will discuss the matching process, and will provide a further explanation of the Education Kits, as well as the learning outcomes and the final product made by the students. At the end of the Webinar, you will have the opportunity to sign up for a new round of school matches, starting in September this year!

Background & more information

In February 2019 Dutch Broadcasting Company VPRO and EuroClio joined forces and launched the In Europe Schools project, developing online educational resources on the Modern History of Europe, based on the VPRO documentary series In Europe – History Caught in the Act. The project offers a unique online exchange project between schools across Europe, with students working on different historical themes, conducting research and interviews as well as producing and editing their own short documentaries. Currently, the piloting phase of the project has come to an end, during which 50 schools across Europe have partnered up and exchanged their documentaries. The Education Kits that are currently available are Difficult History and Migration, with two new Kits in the making: Climate Change and Gender Equality. In addition to these Kits, tutorials help students to develop a variety of skills related to conducting research and interviews as well as documentary making: Research, Extended Research, Interviewing, Filming, and Editing. The documentaries are shared and uploaded to the In Europe Schools YouTube Channel, feel free to have a look beforehand!