Various EuroClio Delegations since 2008 have had the pleasure to be invited to meet and engage with the special context of historical reconciliation efforts in Northeast Asia; where China, South Korea and Japan share a troubled past in the 20th century. During these engagements, which included the conferences of the History NGO Forum for Peace in East Asia, it became clear that there is ample ground for strengthening cooperation across the Eurasian landmass. This has lead the Northeast Asian History Foundation to approve support for EuroClio to generate a more structural sharing of knowledge in the new funded project “History Education Beyond Borders. Mapping and Sharing European Experiences in Cross-Border History Teaching Resources”. This project is the first phase of a longer term cooperation that will aim to support and strengthen the possibilities to implement multi-perspectivity and critical thinking in the Northeast Asian context. The first meeting between selected experts and practitioners will take place at the margin of the 25th EuroClio Annual Conference in Marseille, which will take place on 21-26 April 2018. Later in the year the project will encompass a conference in Seoul.