The AEPHG (Spanish Association of History and Geography teachers), which has recently transformed into a Federation of Spanish Associations, and its younger sister, the Association of teachers from Madrid, held a part-day event on 20 May 2017 to show to their new direction for the future.

A hundred teachers from different autonomous communities met in one of the most important cultural centres in Madrid (Caixaforum) to attend different interesting presentations and speeches given by various renowned teachers, specialized in active methodologies applied to the Social Studies teaching.

Since its creation in 1991, The Spanish Association has always been adapted to respond to the challenges of its time and now, with its new members, seeks to be part, with EuroClio, of a global community of History teachers, focused on a new way to teach History using new methodologies such as image storm, CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), PBL (Project Based Learning), gamification, flipped classrooms or the use of the ICT applied to education, without forgetting fundamental aspects for the study of History like the use of primary sources.

More information about the Annual Meeting of Spanish Teachers can be found on Twitter using following hashtag: #ProfesHist17.