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Spanish Federation of History and Geography Teachers

Federación Española del Profesorado de Historia y Geografía

The Spanish Association of History and Geography Teachers was founded the 30th of January of 1991, at Cervantes, a historical secondary school in Madrid, which also pioneered bilingual educational programs. Among its objectives is to continue training history educators. Currently we are in a renewing process along with EuroClio in order to promote a pedagogic renewal in the classroom using new ways of teaching, improve quality of education of Social Science in bilingual schools and carry on a continuous training of teachers. The new Association’s commitment will be to provide teachers with high quality training on Geography, History and Art History. At the same time our aim is to update history curricula in Spain based on studying history with objectivity, designing history lessons without historical myths and stereotypes, and studying controversial topics in history without political viewpoints. As professionals we must encourage history as a method of reconciliation, to promote responsibility, to motivate and critical thinking. We kindly invite all Spanish history educators and history students to participate in our association.