In July 2016 EuroClio hosted an History NGO Forum for Peace in East Asia conference “Teaching for Peace: History in Perspective”. It addressed international relations, history education and civil society in establishing sustainable peace in East Asia in a dialogue with Europe. The three day conference was organised in The Hague, Leiden, and Utrecht and gathered almost 100 scholars and educators from both Europe and Asia to discuss the themes of Historical Justice in Europe and East Asia, Addressing the History of Colonialism and World War II in Europe and East Asia, and Teaching Global History in the 21st Century.

Special report of the conference by Minuk Nam, PhD candidate in Korean Studies at Leiden University/LIAS in the Netherlands, is now published on the event page. The presentations during Teaching for Peace conference touched upon many questions dealing with nationalism, Euro-centrism, colonialism, and multiperspectivity, and in her report Ms. Nam reflects her own experiences in teaching history of East Asia in Netherlands, and the role of the teacher in bringing light to controversial narratives.

Find the report on the event page: