EuroClio project managers Aysel Gojayeva and Judith Geerling undertook successful visits to Madrid and Donostia-San Sebastián in preparation for the 24th EuroClio Annual Conference “Intersections: How Can History Education Change Today?” The visits have resulted in new local contacts and a partnerships with the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, the Community of Madrid. The partnerships will help EuroClio to further possibilities to engage more educators from all over Spain. Local partnerships are also important to enhance the conference programme with interactive activities and prominent speakers.

The conference will offer professional development opportunities enabling participants to learn more about historical, political and educational transitions in Spain and Europe. Participants will take part in active workshop sessions by educators from all over Europe, and engage in dialogue with local students to understand their views and engagement in dealing with the past and present. Moreover, participants will take an active role in enhancing the role of history education in changing today, by looking at civil society initiatives in dealing with past and present and local and global issues. The conference will balance the content focus with on-site visits, school visits and a diverse cultural programme.

Without revealing too many details, the local organizers, the Basque Network of Schools and the Spanish Association of History and Geography Teachers, are very excited to make the conference a memorable one, not only because of its rich content, but also by providing participants experience of local traditions, social activities and entertainment.

Registrations for the 24th EuroClio Annual Conference “Intersections: How Can History Education Change Today?” are still open, until 1 December 2016. Please visit for more information! The call for hosting workshops and discussion groups will open soon. More information about the call will be available in the second half of November on the event page.