How can learning about history help young people from across the Mediterranean become intercultural citizens?

That is the central question of “Learning about (y)our Past, new project of EuroClio – Inspiring History and Citizenship Educators, the Lebanese association for History (LAH) and the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR) that we will implement in the coming year, and are now looking for authors.

As author in the “Learning about (y)our Past. History lessons for intercultural citizenship in the Euromed region” you will work with a team of 6 authors on the development of exemplar lessons that demonstrate how the recommendations from the guidebook for history textbook authors can be applied in practice

You will have the opportunity to go to Cyprus and Lebanon during three project meetings, become a part a transnational team, broaden understanding of intercultural citizenship, work with professionals in the field, travel and explore new cultural horizons.  Your costs will be covered and there will be small fee (for the full information, see the link below).

About the project

The project aims to help young people in the Euro-Mediterranean region to acquire competences for intercultural citizenship by learning about identity and diversity, about positive intercultural encounters and addressing emotive and controversial issues in history education. The project will achieve this through development and peer review of six learning activities that can be used as alternative educational resources in history, heritage and citizenship education. The development of these resource will be done by an international team with various cultural and professional backgrounds.  The learning activities will be translated and published in Arab, English, Greek and Turkish and made freely available for use on the website of EuroClio and licensed in such a way that reused is possible. The project will run until 31 August 2017.

Candidate’s profile

Applicants need to be history, citizenship, or heritage educators from Euromed region. In selection of applicants, special attention will be given to the representation of various cultural, religious and professional backgrounds in the authors ’team.

Applicants should be intrinsically motivated

  • To join an effort that addresses the challenge of teaching of history and citizenship for intercultural citizenship
  • To lead the initial planning and development of at least 1 transnational educational resource is source based, engaging for learners, linked to curricula and help students to acquire competencies needed for intercultural citizenship
  • To work together with educators across borders and peer review and support the development of educational resources by other authors in the project
  • To help with piloting of the existing educational resources of the project in practice

To apply, please send your CV, letter of motivation, letter of support from your organization to before 17 October 2016. The candidates will be contacted about the results of the selection within a week after the deadline for applications.

Click on the following link to find more about eligibility criteria and additional information.