EuroClio kindly invites you to participate in an online survey and help to make history and citizenship educators more inclusive and accessible for learners!

EuroClio is coordinating an Erasmus+ project called “Strategies for Inclusion – Making High Quality History and Citizenship Education More Inclusive and Accessible”. The project runs from September 2015 until August 2018, in partnership with organisations from Armenia, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia and The Netherlands. It is the first EuroClio project dealing with the challenge “How to make history and citizenship education more inclusive?”. We developed a survey to find out more about the needs and experiences of history and citizenship educators in the field of inclusive education. Your collaboration is very valuable to get a wide range of responses and insights on this topic to make the findings more significant. Please set aside a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire, which you may access through this link, until September 20.

Many thanks for your cooperation in advance! If you feel more comfortable, you may respond to the open questions in your own language. For any questions or issues relating to this survey, please contact EuroClio Project Manager Aysel Gojayeva (