In the second week of November around 20 educators will meet in London for the second combined special interest group meeting within the project “Strategies for Inclusion”. During this weeklong meeting the group will discuss the progress made on their educational materials, and specifically look into teachers guidance to help make the activities suitable for a diverse variety of learners. This includes extra guidance for students that need extra challenge, students that need some more support in behaviour, and students that are deaf, hard-of-hearing, blind or partially sighted.

Thanks to the generous support of the Open Society Institute and efforts by project advisor Kate Lapham (Open Society Foundations) the group is able to come to the United Kingdom. The availability of a large pool of expertise on inclusive education within the United Kingdom and the fact that the working language of the project is English and therefore on-site learning sessions and school visits will be easier and more effective, make London the preferred meeting location for our next meeting.