The Association of History and Geography Teachers of France will held a series of  workshops and conferences refering to the National History and Geography Days: ‘New Approaches to Wars, Transformation of Agricultures and Rural Territories’  in Amiens from Wednesday 19 to Saturday, October 22, 2016.

In History:

The centenarian commemoration of World War II and the Battle of the Somme is addressed at the National Days, larger and more original themes that should also  be also explored are:

  • Conflicts previous to 14-18 which impacted the region.
  • Conflicts after 14-18 (on any scale), including those of the 20th
  • New problems with the research on 14-18 (crime, food)
  • Thematic inputs such as comic strips, art history, archives, law medicine…
  • The National Defence angle

If agriculture is considered as a major trait of Picardy, the objective of the day is to accentuate its innovative character in the framework of the mutating rural territories. More suggested aspects are:

  • The rurality of today: the identity & multifunctionality of rural areas.
  • The recent mutations in agrosystems and sylvosystems.
  • Environment and agriculture.

The National Days are:

  • To highlight the energy and interest of History and Geography. The ‘Agoras’ expect the best discipline.
  • To offer scientific events to teachers and students as well as friends of History and Geography (the general public).
  • To connect the programs, the university research and local heritage surrounding tough subjects.
  • To discover Picardy.
  • To get to know the APHG (Association of History and Geography teachers) so that the Agoras can be a driving force of action to the APHG on a national scale.

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