From 15-17 January the development team of the Decisions and Dilemmas: Exploring European Union history through the lens of contemporary issues-project gathered for the first time at Mount School York to work on active learning activities and get advice and feedback from the Historiana Historical Content Team that was also present. In the project an international team of 5 history educators will work together with editor Helen Snelson to make the topic European Union interesting and relevant by looking at contemporary issues. The project will result in 6 learning activities, using active and innovative teaching methods. In the meeting the team members agreed to work together in pairs on 2 of the issues. After an initial group brainstorm on the different issues identified in the project the team. After working on the topics in pairs the initial ideas were pitched to the Historiana Content Team, that gave feedback and tips on how the historical dimension could be integrated in the different activities. The team will work on the further development of the activities before the next meeting in May. The final materials will be used in training during the Annual Conference in 2017.

The Development team made the following choices on pairs and topics: Guido Lessing (Luxembourg) and Bojana Dujkovic-Blagojevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) will be looking at economic imbalances and (in)equal living conditions in the EU countries, and the meaning of (open) borders for different groups in Europe. Kate Smee (United Kingdom) and Ute Ackermann-Boeros (Cyprus) will look into energy dependency and its tendency to lead to conflict or cooperation and the effects of the European trade policy in a global context. Kate Brennan (United Kingdom) will develop two scripted dramas, one focusing on the Founding Father of the European Community, and another one on Europe as a potential global power. For more information on the first phase of the project have a look here. For any questions you can contact project coordinator Judith Geerling (