ICTJThis week the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) has launched its latest report of the Research Unit on Education and Transitional Justice: Opportunities and Challenges for Peacebuilding. This report is one of the final products of joint ICTJ-UNICEF research project that aimed at better understanding how the relationship between Education and transitional justice can contribute to peacebuilding.

Starting in March of 2013 and concluding in September of 2015, 20 different authors participated in this project by drafting 14 case studies and 3 thematic papers dealing with issues related to education reform, reparations and outreach/education programs all over the world. Based on this effort, and completed with additional research and an expert meeting held last year, the report seeks to provide ideas for linking education to the development of transitional justice measures, while considering as well some of the main challenges and how they can be dealt with.

Following the online release of the report, ICTJ will then launch the 3 thematic papers, written by Lynn Davies, Cristián Correa,and Elizabeth “Lili” Cole in its website and several op-eds on the topic. Later next year an edited volume on the topic with a selection of the case studies will be published by SSRC.

For more information, you can check today’s feature on the report at ICTJ’s website which includes a podcast discussion about the project goals and findings.