The Bulgarian History Teachers Association (HTA) held a very successful Annual Conference last week. The conference was organized in the frame of a project, including several workshops. On behalf of the Bulgarian HTA, its president Bistra Stoimenova expressed special thanks to the “wonderful participation and workshops furing the conference” from EuroClio ambassadors Ineke Veldhuis-Meester, Danute Grīnfelde and Mire Mladenovski.

Moreover, Bistra expressed the hope and aim of the HTA to continue to develop “ideas on how to teach in a more interesting and innovative way about Europe and the EU”. Ineke elaborated that the conference felt like a training for trainers, where they can spread ideas and explain and show the practice of working with sources to prove if the life story they read ( or another story or history book fragment or film) can be judged as exemplar and typical for experiences of the time students study. “This method of working can be contagious.”