Mare Oja attended at the 22nd International Congress of Historical Science in Jinan 23-29 August, 2015 as a member of the International Society for History Didactics (ISHD). The association had there four sessions: 1. Nostalgia in Historical Consciousness and Culture, 2. New media and teaching history, 3. The importance oh the Concept of Veracity in History Education and 4. Remembering and Recounting the Cold War – Commonly Shared History, and the general assembly.

There were all together around of 2000 participants. Mare had her presentation in the second session. The topic she introduced was IT in history teaching in Estonia: challenges for teachers. Alois Ecker from Vienna University introduced in the same session the e-book prepared by the Council of Europe Shared histories for a Europe without dividing lines. Przemyslaw Wiszewski from University of Wroclaw discussed on Digital or cultural challenge? E-textbook of history written by old for young. Polish case. Terry Haydn spoke on The impact of the internet, social media and Web 2.0 applications on history education in schools. Taking part of such a big congress is really a challenge and opportunity, said Mare. It gives the possibility to hear presentations of colleagues, and to be part of discussions.