The project has been implemented in cooperation with primary school teachers in 10 neighboring municipalities in BiH. The teachers enclosed in the program were teachers of history, democracy and human rights, and teachers of first five grades in primary school. EuroClio HIP BIH, with this project, continues projects significant for processes of reconciliation and strengthening of peace in these areas.

The project was implemented in August, through realization of several workshops: ‘This is me, history that connects and divides’, ‘How to teach sensitive topics in history?’, ‘Use and abuse of history’, How was history (ab)used at the end of the 20th century in the area of former Yugoslavia?’ and ‘Local history in teaching process’.

The integral part of the project were discussions on how to teach the 1990s in the countries of former Yugoslavia and possibility of joint cooperation and potential topics for future cooperation of neighboring municipalities. The workshops were realized by members of EuroClio HIP BIH team.

We should mention that PRO-Buducnost (Trust, Understanding, Responsibility for the future) is a four-year project of the USAID, implemented by the Catholic Relief Services (CRS), with the aim of building the trust and reconciliation between the citizens of all ethnic groups in BiH, which lie on the assumption that creating lasting peace starts with opening of the honest dialogue and understanding the other side.