The project team, led by Edin Radusic, presented its findings of the research on the ‘use and abuse of history on the road to conflicts of 1990s in BiHThe participants were also shown a presentation ‘Us and/or them!’ based on source material. Moreover, video clips, documentaries, newspaper articles etc. were used to get a better insight into the topic. During the discussion that followed, the BiH team received valuable suggestions about what needed to be improved in the workshop itself to facilitate its use in primary and secondary schools. Besides the workshop, the first version of teaching material which is being developed in an on-line form was presented.

The intention is to contribute to the improvement of history teaching in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but also in the countries of the region. The materials that are being developed will be presented in digital, interactive format, which is a novelty in history teaching in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

EuroClio HIP BIH continues to work on improvement of this material and by the end of the year we will present the results of the project supported by the Open Society Fund in BaH. For more information you can contact Bojana Dujkovic-Blagojevic at