Between 29 March-5 April, the editors team of Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues (SHCD) project met in Ohrid (Republic of Macedonia) to share relevant information (including what is promised in the project proposal, research done within the project, and practices from other EuroClio programmes) that helps with the editing process. At least five modules from all countries were reviewed and edited, local editors were provided with clear instructions on working to technical standards and final decisions were made on further steps in the editing procedure. Also agreed upon was copyright policy, the terms and conditions of local editing and the parameters of map standards and the source gallery. The 2nd Editing meeting was embedded in the 21st EuroClio Annual Conference ‘History Educational beyond Borders. How we can Share our Cultural Heritage’. In parallel to the editing meeting, the Editors found the opportunity to participate in the biggest EuroClio international professional development and training course very valuable for their professional development and international experience. In overall, the editing meeting succeeded to achieve the meeting aims, and resulted in the concrete updates in time-plan of the project on the editing stage. The 3rd Editing meeting of SHCD project is planned to take place in the beginning of July in Chisinau.