On 7 December, 5 Members of the Steering Committee of ‘Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues’ project  gathered together in Istanbul and broadly discussed project achievements and challenges since the 1st year of the project, and share their expertise on how to further develop the content, network, and support possibilities.

The meeting brought a lot of valuable recommendations on how to act best to overcome the foreseen challenges in the final year, how to strengthen the wider impact of the project in the project countries during and after the end of the project. Moreover, the Members of the Steering Committee shared their recommendations on the candidates for the external reviewer of the project publication which will be taken upon by the project management team.

Steering Committee Members expressed their content with the fruitful outcomes of the meeting and congratulated the project managed team on professional and successful management of a very challenging and big project so far and expressed their willingness to support the project management team within their relevant expertise and resources.

The location and dates of the final Steering Committee Meeting will be decided in 2014.

For more questions about the meeting, contact Aysel Gojayeva.