This document is made to facilitate the sharing of sources by the contributors to the transnational sources collection on the Printing Revolution. The idea is that it gives an overview of all the information that is needed in order for the historical content team and EuroClio staff and trainees to process the contributions.


1. Contact Details

These questions are needed, so that we can contact you in case of follow up questions.

2. Question that is needed for the categorization of the source

This question is included in order for us to work on the different parts of the source collection and to easily see where the white spots are. You can select multiple

3. Where is your source coming from?

This question is included in order to determine what kind of information we need to have in order to present the source with the right metadata, attributions, and also to determine what is needed in terms of copyright.

i. Questions that are needed to present the source

ii. Questions that are needed for the metadata

iii. Questions needed for attribution

Use this field to share anything that you want the team to consider